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Clients : Seeking Staff

If you are looking for a Honest, Confidential approach from a company who will focus on your needs not ours contact us now

  • Personal Service
    Build a personal and long lasting relationship based on the needs of the business. We wish to develop knowledge of your business. Continuity of Consultant allows for a better understanding of the business, the type of employee that will match the culture, work ethics, and working environment.

  • Indroducing the right candidate
    We are creating a marriage between you the business and the candidate. For this reason care needs to be taken that those introduced to you will match the information we have been able to obtain mentioned above. We hope to provide a short list of CV’s that match your needs. It is a question of quality rather than quantity... Our job is to reduce the time taken to successfully fill the job with the right candidate that wants that job.

  • Communication
    It is important that we keep you fully up to date with progress during the recruitment process. You tell us the best way to let you know progress. However it is always best that both parties talk to ensure developments, changes are on either side are understood so that plans of action can be modified were necessary.

  • Advice and Support
    We are here to advice on the availability and market trends to help in the recruitment process. Support can range from providing interview facilities away from your premises if required to computer training in Microsoft Office products.

    CALL US NOW on 01924 886464 – Alternatively Request a call Back by CLICKING HERE

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