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Candidates : Find a Job

Whether it is a Permanent, Temporary or Contract job Raines can provide the solution FREE.

What to consider –

  • Personal Service
    You the Candidate feel comfortable to be able to discuss your requirements with a person that understands and listens to what you say.
    We will speak to you in absolute CONFIDENCE

    So often we hear ‘I have registered with other agencies and they do not listen’

  • Advice
    The Consultants offer suggestions so that you can meet your goal. We will be HONEST if there are problems. We will suggest alternative job positions or even career changes should we feel that it would be of benefit. The decision is always yours

    Temporary rates of pay do not include holiday pay. Your holiday pay is accrued as you work for us and paid as and when to take that all important holiday break. We feel that it is much better for you that money is paid as and when you need on that break

  • Support
    When you have taken the time to REGISTER with Raines and attend interviews that you are supported at all times. This may be related to interviews techniques, extra computer skills through our training facility or just further help with obtaining that wished for position.

  • Continuity
    So often we hear from candidates that they are very upset to be handled but a number of consultants at the same agency. It is not uncommon to go over the same interview information more than once. This coupled with sometime high level of staff changes is very frustrating and annoying.

    We hope to build a long lasting RELATIONSHIP with you that will not necessarily end when a new position is accepted. We want to develop TRUST such that you feel confident to recommend others to Raines or even your new employer to use our service. We care about long term relationships rather than making a quick buck.

  • Communication
    One of a number of complaints about agencies is that they do not keep in touch with you the candidate. We understand that it is frustrating if you are not informed on a regular basis how interviews have progressed with the client, what potential new jobs we have received which may happily to you etc. Why should you have to call all the time?

    We do not send out CV’s without your agreement and discussion. This again has been one of the problems candidate have come across. You are kept fully informed.

  • Other services
    We have the ability to refresh Microsoft Offices skills and or provide courses to gain new skill in this software package.

    Some of the practices the RAINES do not do –

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    If you are looking for a professional, honest and confidential approach call us now

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